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New Statesman- have things changed?

I did a internship at the New Statesman in November 2008, it was unpaid, and we got our travel refunded.  While I was there I was given hardly any work to do, and neither was  my fellow intern.  It was soul destroyingly boring. I didn’t realise at the time, but there had just been a large number of redundancies and that is possibly why the office was so odd, quiet and depressed feeling.  The woman in charge of us was nice, but over worked and completely unsupported, and she was unwilling to delegate any work to the interns as I think she felt it would be more work to explain what she wanted then do it herself.  As there was no formal role, training or anything for interns, this happened a lot – with only the most menial jobs being given to us – and hardly any of them at that. Most of the day  I spent reading old copies of the New Statesman and despairing.


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