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Interns in finance are HARDCORE

See here for some great stories from the world of finance. Who says British youth don’t want to work hard? When was the last time you stayed in the office till 2am or took a 5 minute nap in the toilet cubicle? I believe most internships in finance pay pretty well but I was just wondering what it worked out as per hour…if I arrive at the office at 8am and leave at 2am, that’s 18 frickin hours. That’s hella hard work. I salute thee interns of the finance world! Here’s hoping you don’t lead us into another recession…(winky emoticon)

This is an incredible picture, it makes me want to buy the washing powder that these guys use


Which? route to take?

There are loads of people with horrible experiences as interns but my story is different. I graduated with a history degree from the LSE last year and spent 3 months searching for an entry-level job. I have some work experience but not really a lot and given the economic situation I wasn’t very optimistic. I didn’t apply for any internships because they were mostly unpaid and although my parents proposed to support me financially I decided to try it on my own. I became really desperate and applied for any jobs even those for which I was clearly over-qualified and which, to be honest, I’m quite sure I would have dropped out fast.

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The financial services deserve a mention

We haven’t had many posts about the financial services industry (working 16 hour days probably leaves little time to read blogs), but this intern advert certainly deserves a mention. A private equity firm asking for 2-3 months unpaid work! I am no banker – but I bet the money is sloshing about somewhere to pay NMW! Especially with offices in London, Paris and New York!

As an intern at Fidequity you will be an integral member of our team and will work hands-on with all team-members. Some of your tasks will include: researching the private equity market, database management and presentation preparation, along with general administrative duties.
Please note that this is an unpaid internship, however, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel, will be reimbursed.

Staggering. As the person who emailed us this advert said:

No private equity firm who is still solvent cannot afford to pay staff for admin work. So either this is truly despicable money-grubbing, or it’s a conscious filtering ploy to ensure that only people who were born with a silver spoon can afford the admission fee to enter their hallowed industry.

Any financial services interns care to comment? Or even better – write to us with your own intern stories. Both good and bad.

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