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Graduates, unleash yourselves!

Hello lovely people, apologies for severe dearth of posts of late, illness is to blame. Pity me.

I do hope you are well and not finding the current spate of unemployment figures too depressing. Read on if you live in London or nearby, are out of work, unhappy in your job, your internship isn’t getting you anywhere or you just fancy a change.

Pete Barden helped us out with a short documentary we made, he used to be an intern and is now working for himself and with Peace One Day. He’s come up with a great project called ‘Graduate Unleashed‘. The idea is to demonstrate to graduates, interns and generally fabulous people that “entrepreneuring” is a viable and in fact more beneficial option – if you have an idea you can make it happen. If you feel like you are indeed on a leash, (not literally, this isn’t an S & M party!) then come along to the introductory night, it’s free to register- just click here.
You can come alone or with friends, without any kind of idea at all or with a notebook full of them…basically, we just want to prove that the youth of today are not DOOMED and that we can change the world, or at least take charge of our own destinies.

If this all sounds intriguing come along to the first informal meet up, have some beer and we can all talk about how this should work out- we want this to be led by the people who make it. Here’s the link to book, places are limited to 50.
When-    Wed, 07 Dec, 2011, Start time: 7pm  End time: 11pm
Where-   The Red Herring Bar (downstairs), 49 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7EH

For people outside of London- Pete is hoping to make this a country wide thing- and is really sorry it isn’t already.

Overview of Graduate Unleashed:

Beginning in January 2012, a 6-month program of 6 informative & inspirational gatherings for recent graduates, prospective interns and current interns. Over 6 months attendees will be encouraged to form groups of mutual interest and complementary skills, with a view to cultivate a project from scratch. What’s more, the project that most impresses an independent board of entrepreneurs after 6 months will go on to earn £20,000 start up capital, a dedicated mentor in a relevant field for a further 6 months and a marketing partner.


Cut the costs of events: hire slaves!

I saw your website on the BBC news and would like to share my story:

After graduating in 2008 I began an internship with a London events organiser, which was advertised as a ‘1-3 month position’. I started this placement in December 2008, and was told I would receive £100 per month in expenses. At the end of the month I went home for a week for Christmas. I strongly feel, both then and now, that I shouldn’t have to justify my reasons for deciding during that week that I could no longer afford to continue with the placement. In the New Year I called my ’employer’ to tell them as such, and found myself apologising and grovelling for having ‘let them down’. A few days later I sent an email asking what the arrangements were for receiving my expenses for December. I was told that I would not be able to receive any expenses as I had not completed the internship.

At the time I was upset and humiliated, and tried to forget the experience. I now realise that, under law, this amounted to a three-month contract and I should have been paid the National Minimum Wage. Instead, I was exploited at a time when I was helpless and vulnerable, and was not able to stand up for my rights.

The Romans found that slaves were a great way to cut the cost of their decadent lifestyle

Interns Anonymous

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