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Tory PR problems

I can’t help but notice that the Tories are having a difficult week leading up to Christmas.

Maybe their press office has gone on holiday and left the intern in charge?

YES – the Tory Press Office has unpaid interns. Perhaps they’re not the party of the rich after all… you would think they would afford to pay their staff given how much they receive in donations.

Please submit a CV and covering letter, including availability, to
Louisa Watts, CCHQ Press Office, 30 Millbank, SW1P 4DP
or by e-mail to

I’m going to drop Louisa an email and tell her she is breaking minimum wage law. I suggest you do the same. Or perhaps someone upset about tuition fees could try and get hired and cause a bit of chaos from the inside.


Is the Home Office abusing unpaid interns?

Lib Dem MP Bob Russell tabled a motion saying that “those undertaking work experience should not be offered jobs that would otherwise be filled by paid employees.”

The Home Office were allegedly employing 20 interns while making staff redundant.

This situation is not new and has been happening across every industry since we set up this blog. The first example we heard of was a commercial art gallery which sacked its lowest level of staff and gave their unpaid interns all their responsibilities.

The interns working for the Home Office were working in the UK’s main office for immigration and asylum enquiries.

HAT TIP – People Management magazine

Support Left Foot Forward’s Living Wage Appeal

Left Foot Forward have launched an appeal to pay their interns a London living wage through contributions from their readers. Anything that raises the issue of interns pay and ends up with interns paid for the work they do is fantastic in our opinion.

All progressives should pay their interns a fair wage and all those that care about youth unemployment and low pay should get behind this appeal.

You cannot claim to care about these crucial issues if you are ignoring inequality and injustice in your own office.

We all know the so called progressive organisations that don’t pay minimum wage… perhaps you could name them… I will kick off with the New Statesman!

We made it into Private Eye…

Author of Jilted Generation (and friend of interns) Shiv Malik injured covering student protests


Freelance journalist Shiv Malik has been injured while reporting for the Guardian at today’s student protests over university tuition fees in London.

Ed Howker, a journalist who writes for the Spectator and co-author with Malik of the book Jilted Generation, told that Malik had been taken to hospital and was having his head stitched after allegedly being hit by a police baton.

According to a report by Malik published on the Guardian’s protest liveblog, he was wounded while caught between the police line and students in Parliament Square at the the junction with Victoria Street.

Shiv and Ed plugged our site in his book. It really is worth a read. We hope he gets better soon.

Did we ever post this funny intern vid from the TUC?

Why employers shouldn’t get something for nothing

A nice article in the Belfast Telegraph today…

Slavery was supposed to have been abolished in 1833, and yet it is very much alive in the workplace today. One of the grimmest and most iniquitous consequences of the recession has been the impact it has had on the hopes and aspirations of young people.

And one of the most cynical responses to this has been the way so many companies, many operating in the field of PR and lobbying, are supplementing their workforces by taking on young graduates as ‘interns’.


Well said Nick Garbutt for spreading the word!

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