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Fancy getting in touch?

Does anyone feel they’ve been exploited through a recent work experience/internship? If so, BBC News is keen to hear about it. All info will be treated in total confidence. They are particularly interested in young people who’ve ended up doing unpaid work outside the world of media and politics.

If anyone wants to get in touch then please drop us a short email and we’ll pass the details on.


Paid internships, graduates needed

We don’t often put adverts on the site… but Thames Valley University are offering PAID placements for Graduates, so we thought we better tell you about it.

8 week placements, at places like O2… for £200 a week. Check out the flyer here.

Tuition fees and serious questions about the ‘value’ of a degree

From the Independent:

Britain’s leading universities raised the prospect of a massive hike in student fees yesterday as the only means of maintaining standards in the face of public spending cuts.

Lord Browne, the former BP chief who is heading a government inquiry into student finance, is coming under increasing pressure to recommend a substantial rise to the current cap on tuition fees of £3,225 a year.

In one submission to him yesterday, the Russell Group – which represents 20 of the country’s leading higher education research institutions – argued in favour of lifting the cap altogether and allowing universities to set their own fees.

If a degree doesn’t prepare you for a job (anyone tried applying for jobs straight out of uni and had much success?) and it costs £20,000 a year to complete… what is the point?

Do tell us what you think…

Metropolitan Police Report: First Year of training to become an unpaid internship

Our friends over at Graduate Fog have just brought our attention to this shocking and scandalous story from the Standard and the Telegraph:

As part of an overhaul of police recruitment – to save millions a year in training costs – Scotland Yard is considering making new recruits in London work as volunteer special constables for at least a year before they can apply to become full-time paid Met officers.

This saving of £12 million a year reveals the shocking state of our public finances. Who are the next generation of police officers? Only those who can afford to work for free for a year! Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

One thing is clear. This is a sign of things to come. If you want a job in the public sector APPLY NOW before this becomes the norm.

It’s one thing for small think-tanks or charities to employ unpaid interns… but for an organisation as big as the POLICE FORCE do away with paid training. We are lost for words.

This is a story which will rumble on and on and on. We haven’t heard the last of this one.

Jobs in Journalism

To complement our post below… we are going to link to an article on the careers advice website Graduate Fog. ‘How to get a job in journalism?’… even if you can’t afford to work for free.

See here.

Just say thank you

There’s a shrine in the corner of my room, a collection of passes from all the newspapers I’ve ever done work experience in. I used to flick through them, trying to remember what I learned from each placement: how they’ve moulded me into a better reporter, the silly mistakes, the small triumphs. I used to be proud of them: they were trophies which marked the weeks of unpaid toil. Used to.

I’ve been trying to be a journalist since I was 17. I’m now 22. That’s five years of friends tolerating my idiosyncratic habit of reading five different national newspapers every day, and spending my summers and holidays in newsrooms (invariably without windows, why is that?).

But guess what? Trying hurts. I’m not going to stop, but it hurts. Work experience hurts. “Internships” hurt.

Rejections hurt. You will get rejected – knocked back, even for free work, as well as graduate schemes and jobs. Heartfelt emails will go unanswered, submissions ignored or outright declined (It took me a week to get over the first “No. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device”). If you’re trying to be a journalist, chances are at some point you’ll have your heart broken by a newspaper.

Continue reading ‘Just say thank you’

It starts again

MPs have only just arrived back in the Commons… but already they are looking for some cheap intern labour.

Congratulations to blond bombshell Graham Stuart, Tory MP for Beverley and Holderness who increased his majority by 4500, and Julian Huppert, the new Lib Dem MP for Cambridge. They have the dubious honour of being the first MPs to place unpaid job adverts on the w4mp website. What about a new parliament and a new start?

Email Niki and Julian if you want an unpaid job, or to complain that interns should be paid enough to live on.

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