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Graduates who take part in unpaid placements will be allowed to continue to claim job seekers allowance.

The Government has announced anyone on an unpaid placements for up to 13 weeks will be allowed to continue claiming job seekers allowance. The clause will begin after the person has been claiming dole monies for 6 months in efforts to find them employment.

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Interns and business during the recession

The UK finds itself in the grips of a recession which shows no sign of passing any time soon and so businesses must ask themselves: is it the right time to use interns?

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A wage for all workers

Though I understand what motivates skilled graduates to take unpaid work, and that NGOs, the public sector, private companies (and pretty much everyone these days) take on interns to produce results within tight budgets, I believe that if these employers genuinely can’t afford to pay all of their workers they should face up to their fate and either downsize or go under! If not, they should be paying workers according to the law at national minimum wage. Continue reading ‘A wage for all workers’

Over two years since intern investigation

It is over two years since the Guardian carried an article saying MPs faced an enquiry for allegedly breaking the minimum wage laws by hiring young people as unpaid interns to work in the offices in parliament and their constituencies.

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Tom Leonard: It now costs a small fortune to work for nothing

Paying for the right to work for nothing is one of the more interesting economic concepts to have come out of this downturn. Time was in the US when spring would come and a young man’s fancy turned lightly to thoughts of a summer internship. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students migrate to the big cities over the long break to get their first step on the career ladder with a few weeks of negligibly (if at all) remunerated filing, dogsbodying and sporadic sexual harassment.


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The Silent Brains

I seem to have spent most of my teenage years volunteering for a charity though only got the chance to be an intern during my second year at university. Prior to arriving in Westminster, I’d heard numerous horror stories from previous interns though on reflection I believe experience of being a Parliamentary intern seems to have been rather better than some. The MP I was to be a general slave for was a ‘nice enough chap’ and we kind of took to each other the minute we met.

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What school of ‘workie’ are you?

Last week I got a text from a friend who is also trying to make it in the journalism game:

“Oh my god. Have you seen the work experience guy who’s written Charlie Brooker’s column in G2 today? The last thing we need!” Work experience is a funny thing. When you’re 16, it’s a week-off school. But when you’re trying to get a job in an industry a zillion others want to work in (and just as many are being made redundant from), a work placement becomes a shop window – a chance for you to show-off how employable you are. And boy can it be frustrating when someone does better than you or gets an opportunity you don‘t. Lucky Tom Meltzer… bugger.

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